Interop Composition Playlist (PROTO-ASDCP-CPL-20040511)


This document describes the PROTO-ASDCP-CPL-20040511 namespace.
It also contains a directory of links to related resources, using Resource Directory Description Language.

This Namespace defines the structure of a Composition Playlist, as specified by the MPEG Interop Initiative.

XML Schema

This is a description of the Schema for the PROTO-ASDCP-CPL-20040511 Namespace.

This schema defines the Composition Playlist Namespace, as defined by the MPEG Interop Initiative.


Several attributes in the CPL schema have external scope references. These could be enumerated here so that the URIs in the schema resolve, but should probably be enumerated directly in the schema. For now, the scopes resolve to the top of this paragraph. The possible values could be filled in here in tables for human consumption.

Normative References

  1. The PROTO-ASDCP-CPL-20040511 Namespace
  2. W3C XML Schema
  3. XML-Signature Syntax and Processing